ACOM / MIAC Document Collection

A collection of papers of the Associate Committee on Meteorites of the National Research Council of Canada (ACOM) and the Meteorites and Impacts Advisory Committee of the Canadian Space Agency (MIAC) has been organized and accessioned into the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s (RASC) national office in Toronto.

The heart of the collection is comprised of the minutes of the ACOM and MIAC annual meetings.  There are separate folders for ACOM meetings from its 13th meeting in 1970 through its 35th and final meeting in 1971, a folder for material related to the transition from ACOM to MIAC, and folders for MIAC meetings from its 1st in 1992 to its last in 2006.  Included in the ACOM and MIAC folders is material that was associated with that particular year’s business or activities.

Other folders are devoted to various ACOM or MIAC activities (e.g., fireball reports, the Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project (MORP), Prairie Searches), particular individuals (e.g., Ian Halliday, Steve Kissin), the Canadian Space Agency, Cultural Property, and individual meteorites (e.g., Penouille, Tagish Lake, St. Robert).  The St. Robert folder is particularly rich, with newspaper reports, field notes and reports, published papers, notes on the acquisition of some fragments, etc.  In addition to these folders, there is also the MIAC Manual (an extremely valuable loose-leaf binder assembled by Damien Lemay in 2000), and various MIAC-related floppy disks and CDs.

The collection occupies somewhat less than 2.0 linear feet.  Randall Rosenfeld, the RASC’s archivist, will be producing a Finding Aid for it, and will eventually digitize it.  Anyone interested in using the collection should contact him ( for further information.